To celebrate National Poetry Month, the League of Canadian Poets is proud to sponsor our first cross-Canada poetry blog open to all League of Canadian Poets members. This year’s theme is “Poetry Without Borders.” We are looking for submissions from all over Canada.

To find out more about the LCP (League of Canadian Poets) or to inquire about membership, please visit our main site: www.poets.ca


2 responses to “ABOUT

  1. This is a fabulous initiative. Thanks for getting it going.

    I am not sure why it’s called “Poetry Without Borders”, since all the poetry comes from within the borders of Canada (or at least, is by Canadians), and what’s more, within the borders of a national poetry organization. I suppose you’re referring to international access via internet. But what with Doctors Without Borders and the international web revue Words Without Borders, the name suggests something much more along those lines…

    Compared to the poem-a-day email subscription feature of the Academy of American Poets’ Poets.org, this is still fledgling affair. This is not really reaching out to the broader public in the way that Poets.org does. But it’s a nice start. And , par contre as the French say, I like the informality of the submission process.

    Plaudits to you all.

  2. sterling haynes

    I enjoyed the poetry, the you all at the League.
    I like ‘Matralia’ by Alice Major. Alice got me started writing poetry ten years ago. I have all her books of published poems – we look forward to reading her new latest volume.
    Winoma Baker’s ‘A Haiku Seasonal’ resonated with me.
    ‘Faders’ by Vivian D. seemed to fit in. Yesterday I had a huge ponderosa pine cut down in my yard. The vanilla smell of the pine bark lingers while I cleaned up today. Thank you Vivian.
    I enjoyed all the poems.
    Thank you so much for publishing my poem ‘I Don’t do Old’… As a octogenarian I am honoured.

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