Canning, Nova Scotia

Friendship’s Light

On a tablecloth embroidered in truth
I would lay out for thee
a vase of friendly flowers
with petals of poetry;
a sugar bowl filled with lumps of laughter,
a pitcher brimming with milk,
and one small note from a rhapsody
etched on a cloud of silk;
charming china cups with golden edges,
heart-shaped spoons for stirring,
and pretty napkins laced with love
to wipe away life’s yearnings;
tall glasses of water-colored words
to quench our thirsty ears,
and to feed our hungry souls
the bread of yester years.
And just in case there was room for more
from Thalia’s kitchen I’d deem
joy jiggling in sparkling jello
and bite-size dreams in cream.
In cozy comfort we’d talk all day
and well into the night
until the lambent glow of friendship
became our only light.

Blanca Baquero, poet and haïkiste, has been published in a number of literary magazines, university works, and anthologies. She is a member of the Writers’ Federation of Nova Scotia, the Quebec Writers’ Federation, the League of Canadian Poets, Haïku Canada, Haïku Society of America, and the Association Française de Haïku.


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