Montreal, Quebec


And alone she stood,
amid the ruins
the blowing winds
reminding of her promise.
Amid the ruins
she stands
patrolling the night are her guards
for a return of peace is imminent.
Reminding of faithfulness
she awaits standing
hard earth beneath her,
the sunlight softens lost hopes.
For her reflection
transcends all doubt
her stance dispelling
And the winds pick up
and none can hear,
her word shoots forth,
and her face reminds.
And they remain
for she effects and transforms
their love.

Michaela Sefler is a mystical poet living in Montreal, Canada. Her poetry is spiritual and esoteric and allude to ancient ideals. In her poetry she draws on the Qabbala, and other ancient writings, to convey a message of hope, and survival describing present realities in the light of ancient truths.


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