Cambridge, Ontario

Psalm 4 for the ||Goddess

This is the lore:

you couple with young men

(as rain moves against the dry earth,

as sky touches sea.)

I imagine you against the horizon.

For you are the promised land,

and lovers kneel on thee.

April Bulmer’s poem is an excerpt from her new book, The Goddess Psalms ( Her work often focuses on women’s spirituality. Contact her at: [please cut & paste email address into your e-mail]


One response to “Cambridge, Ontario

  1. Penn Kemp’s richly evocative poem has been translated into 126 languages and dialects so far. I have participated in the readings in Italian, Latin and Pig Latin and have noticed how Penn involves new arrivals and immigrants and how they love to participate and feel part of something so multicultural and thus, essentially Canadian. Kemp’s goal is to spread the message for peace worldwide and to involve as many languages and dialects in her promotion of peace as she can. Poem for Peace is truly a global effort and an appealing and significant act of diplomacy in the best sense of the word.

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