Trenton, Ontario

Road to Havana

On the bus to Havana
the 4 lane highway is bordered
with the shrunken bellies of drought marked palms
We pass a tractor stalled and steaming
in the good rusty earth
for want of spare parts
Another imposition
of punitive power
another crop delayed

We share our journey
with pre-revolution relics
the rolling remnants
of plump fendered Fords and Chevys
Tough side-carred Yugoslavian motorcycles
Massive and menacing Soviet trucks
which unsupported now
remain steadfast in their duty

Everywhere here
it is threadbared
made cobbled to work
bentbacked and sweating
refusing to buckle
with dignity
and unbroken

I am reminded
that nothing is taken
for granted here
Recycling is a foriegn concept
where nothing can be wasted
This is survival
a necessary culture
I am also made to remember
that these quiet people
who give so much to others
are at war …under siege
and though they would not ask it
I am always inspired
and humbled
among them

R.D. Roy recently performed at the Union of Cuban Writers and Artists, the University of Havana, and the Cuba International Book Fair while on tour with the Canada Cuba Literary Alliance. His poetry book “Three Cities” (Hidden Brook Press) was launched in March at Hot Sauced Words in Toronto.


One response to “Trenton, Ontario

  1. After I read this poem it took me back to the days I was living in Cuba. Its so descriptive of the exact feeling one has when driving around in Cuba.
    Thank you for this!!

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