North Bay, Ontario

Spacetime Continuum

(For Chris, On The Occasion Of His 23rd Birthday)
To truly comprehend space one needs to feel the weight of time; and to truly comprehend time, one needs space to move about.”

Somewhere in that vast and open country
between the father and the son
there lies a lonely border
unguarded event at Doppler blue horizon.
This is the interstice
where father and son
vacuum mute
dare only nod each to the other
as they pass
at compass points.
Past this checkpoint in time,
both become more than before:
fellow travellers —
fellow travellers with different passports
who know why spacetime
is one word
who know that time travel is
not just possible
but as inevitable as graves
and gravity,
as finite but unbounded
as space
who know that forever after
is forever after
and the arrow of time always pierces the heart
who know
but do not regret
that in that space of forever after
whenever they travel together
they will share this burden of time.

Ken Stange has been a League member since the 70’s. He is the author of 7 books of poetry, fiction, and art and hundreds of periodical publications, including in scientific journals. Website: Editor of Nebula Netzine: Publisher of Two Cultures Press: Two Personal Art Gallery Site:


One response to “North Bay, Ontario

  1. Such a powerful piece, locating the abstract in the particular!

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