Amherstburg, Ontario

Ralph’s Dance (for mom)

In this sunless place
the doctors say
you are anti-social –
so why are you
slow dancing with me?

Why do you nuzzle
your gentle head
against my cheek;
blow sweet kisses
through my hair
tangled by a brother’s
special love?

And why do we sway
amid a friendly crowd
to songs warm
like evening-breeze
where laughter reigns
for a spell
above the fear
of tomorrow’s pain?

They say you cannot
feel the measure of time,
so why do I see tears
move your midnight eyes;
feel your feet stepping
soft with mine?

Karen P. Ouellette’s poetry has been influenced by her work with the disabled and by her 35 years of ballet training. Widely anthologized in literary magazines. Karen is one of the “Five Poets” presented in both: A THOUSAND YELLOW LEAVES, 2004 and TONGUES OF WHITEWASHED STONE, 2008.


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