Winnipeg, Manitoba

Tuesday, May 22, 2002

On Tuesday May 22, 2002 nothing happened

I opened my blue Chinese silk covered notebook

given to me many years ago by a young student with blonde pig-tails

and who always wore Alpine sweaters.

The second entry reads : nothing happened

my fellow citizens and I went to our jobs

someone grumbled about how hard they work

compared to John down the hall

the sun rose early after another long winter

and set later

we felt refreshed with so much light

stars remained fixed and motionless for another day

the trees on my street barely spoke

about the cool evening

or last year’s invisible growth spurt

in St.Boniface hospital an old woman with wispy white curly hair

stared at the ceiling and waited

I picked up my daughter after school

we drove over the Osborne bridge

traffic slowed long enough for us to watch

sunlight shimmer on the surface of the lazy Assiniboine River.

Later I sat at my desk opened my blue journal

and wrote ‘nothing happened.’

Carmelo Militano is a Winnipeg writer and poet. His latest book-The fate of olives was short-listed in 2007 for the Eileen McTavis Skyes award.


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