Westbank, British Columbia

I Don’t Do Old

there are things to do,
lilies to grow.
stella d ‘ore’s blooms
are my galaxy.
irises’ blue… fill
my eyes with
i don’t do old
i do global warming
with Suzuki, Schindler.
and Al Gore’s concern
with climates
in crisis.
my affinity is with
the arctic- ice, melt, water,
polar bears
drowning –
i don’t do old.
god’s creativity,
and ideas light
my spirit.
art, literature
can fill me
with awe.
life is sweet,
never, i will
never age out,
i don’t do old.
kindness spins
my web,
altruism, a.i.d.s, h.i.v.,
world poverty
are my bonds…
entanglements o
laughter are the gossamer
threads that
tie my connections together…
i won’t do old

Sterling Haynes in his retirement writes creative non-fiction, mostly humour, zany poetry, hockey haiku and senryu. He has sold a lot of pieces to newspapers, magazine and journals in Canada and the USA.


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